Criteria for Effective Product Packaging

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Usually a lot of emphasis is given on the product marketing, placement and features etc., however a thing which plays a significant role in the creation of a favorable image regarding the product in the minds of the customer is the packaging. The packaging is nowadays taken very seriously and big companies spend a lot of time in its development. There are a lot of things which come in packaging and the subject is huge. Usually companies emphasize on the design of the package and the material used in it. In this article we will look into some major criterions of a good package.

Criteria for Effective Product Packaging:

If the following things are being created by your product packaging, then understand that your product packaging is prefect and result oriented. Though a lot can be discussed on the topic however we are restricting our self on the below mentioned four things

  • Visibility: The first criterion which makes your packaging eligible for being identified as effective is the visibility. Though a lot can be written on visibility with regards to packaging, however the basic meaning behind the concept is that your package should be designed and crafted in such a way that it can attract the customers towards it and also distinguishes your product from that of the competitors. There are a lot of packaging tactics that can be applied to create this differentiation. There are many marketing researches also conducted on the subject of visibility and well known firms go at great lengths to create such visibility with regards to their product packaging
  • information-007Information: The package though should be beautiful and attractive however it should communicate some level of information to the customers with regards to the product which is inside it. We are not saying that all the information should be given, however the most basic features of the product, its ingredients and precautions( if any) should be written. Of course the type of information that needs to be written may differ as per the product.
  • Emotions: A great deal of research is done nowadays regarding the psychological aspects of the customers before launching of any kind of product. Emotional appeal and attachment is not something which can only be created by TVC’s rather nowadays the product packaging also plays a greater role in creating such an appeal. However to create such an appeal you must do a thorough analysis on your target market and see to it what is their emotional point.
  • Workability: One of the main reasons behind the packaging of the product is the workability. By workability we do not mean the working of the product rather what we mean is that the packaging should be such that the product should be secure in it and secondly it should also be very simple for the consumers to open the packaging.

The above four criteria is together called the View test, if your packaging passes this test then it means that you have done a good job.


Packaging industry is getting a lot of importance nowadays as it is a need of almost every other person. The most common use though is gift; and we human are really prone to giving gifts to our loved every now and then and thus our packaging industries were formed. Not only they have good budget but also generate huge amounts of money. These packaging have an enormous amount of variety in them; be it just a shade, or a design, or even changing the whole shape of packaging but they do have a wide range of options to go with.

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