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Packaging is a huge subject and a single article certainly would not suffice for it. However to give our readers some insight on packaging, we have decided to discuss media packaging in this article. There are various types and technologies related to packaging. Each of these types and technologies differ as per the product for example for pharmaceutical products a different type of packaging will be used, similarly for food products food packaging will be utilized and the list can go on.

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Media packaging is more related to the packaging of media items like CD’s and DVD’S. A CD or DVD is a very fragile product hence the packaging for it should be very efficient. In the market you may have seen that the CD’S and DVD’s are packaged in a case, you hardly think that how this case or packaging is developed. In this article we will share with you some insights related to the Media Packaging and will precisely tell you about the different materials that are utilized for the development of media packaging. The details are discussed in the points below

  • Jewel Cases: The most common type of media packaging which has been in operation since the year 1980 is the Jewel case. The jewel cases are very much affordable however this does not at all mean that the other media packaging types are too costly. The jewel case is basically composed of plastic which is very hard in nature. This plastic has the ability to provide security and protection to the disc from any kind of scratches or breakage. The unique feature of this packaging is the user friendly lock mechanism.
  • Paper Sleeves: The second type of media packaging which is often used is known as the paper sleeves. The packaging has the ability to protect your disk from harmful scratches. However the downside of this packaging is that it does not have the ability to prevent any fall out. These packages are also not water resistant.package
  • Slimline Cases: The slimline cases are very much similar to the jewel cases however the only difference is that they are very much affordable and thinner in body as compared to the jewel cases. The packaging is ideal if you are looking to secure some space. This packaging is also very common and is seen in the market often.
  • Clam Shell Cases: This packaging is pretty same as the slimline however it is not that durable. The Clam Shell Cases can be found in a variety of colors and the materials from which these cases are prepared are totally plastic.

The above mentioned packages are selected based on the task which is at hand. Different media packages are suitable for different conditions.

These were some of the types that fall in the domain of media packaging. These packages are prepared via the use of technology and have proved to be an effective way for handling various things.

Packaging industry is getting a lot of importance nowadays as it is a need of almost every other person. The most common use though is gift; and we human are really prone to giving gifts to our loved every now and then and thus our packaging industries were formed. Not only they have good budget but also generate huge amounts of money. These packaging have an enormous amount of variety in them; be it just a shade, or a design, or even changing the whole shape of packaging but they do have a wide range of options to go with.

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